There are various forms of anxiety and they can be very debilitating.

Anxiety is one of the most difficulty disorders to manage, primarily because the core issues is fear and this makes it hard to share the problem with others. If you experience anxiety, you may not know what it is, but you know that you are afraid of something and it can cause you to freeze in certain situations. These situations can vary from social settings, school, or work settings.

Anxiety can present in the form of:

Phobia of animals, germs, certain people or even places.

Agoraphobia is another common form of anxiety that causes people to avoid leaving the house all together.

Hoarding is a form of anxiety where a person has a fear of throwing things away or getting rid of them at all.

All of the above mentioned situations are only part of the ways in which anxiety can affect people. Common anxiety issues we treat are Social Anxiety. Trauma and PTSD, The Imposter Syndrome.