Immigration Evaluations

Immigration Evaluations

Types of Evals:

Asylum, Hardship Waiver

Age Ranges Seen:

Adults (18+), Adolescents (13-17), and Children (6-12)

$1500 Psychological Evaluation and Report

The Psychological Evaluation is conducted via video, by Sara Arce, who is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Master Certified Addiction Professional in The State of Florida. Having received formal training in Conducting Hardship Waiver Evaluations, Sara is a Graduate of The Immigration Evaluation Institute.

The entire process takes approximately 4-6 weeks unless delayed by unforeseen circumstances, the client, or their attorney’s scheduling availability. Upon initial contact, the client will be screened by Sara to ensure the evaluation is able to be conducted and to answer or discuss any questions or concerns. The client will then be scheduled for their first appointment and asked to complete appropriate mental health self assessments online, prior to their first meeting with Sara. Sara then reviews and interprets the client’s self-assessments, followed by conducting the clinical interviews with the client.  As needed Sara will meet with any relevant family members. When available, Sara may request to review client records. She then formulates a diagnostic impression, and develops treatment recommendations. Sara will create a detailed report which that is about 10-12 pages long and provide the attorney with a draft for review and consultation. Once finalized, the written report, will be delivered electronically in a PDF form with a digital certificate-based signature to the attorney and client.

Cost of Evaluation Includes:

  • Consultations with Immigration Attorney
  • Clinical Interviews with Primary Client
  • Family Member Interviews
  • Review of Records
  • Complete Written Report with a digital certificate-based signature in a PDF form.
  • Copy of the written report, with a digital certificate-based signature in a PDF form, for primary client

Additional Fees That May Apply:

  • $250/hr Court Appearances (Minimum of 2 hours per appearance)
  • Travel fees for travel outside of Broward, Dade, & Palm Beach Counties (TBD)
  • Interpreter fees for languages other than English & Spanish (TBD)