Relationship Therapy

Relationship Therapy

According to The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, the overall success rate of couple’s therapy is 98%.

Couples therapy is also often referred to as couples counseling. If the couple is married, then it is usually referred to as marriage counseling or marital therapy. Marriage or Couples Counseling is a form of family therapy that focuses on the dynamics of the relationship. Specifically, a couples therapist will try to uncover unhealthy or toxic patterns. While the process of identifying relationship problems, it is helpful in understanding the root of the problem and developing ways to resolve it.

Often a Marriage and Family Therapist will meet with each person individually, get a greater understanding of each one’s specific concerns, and then bring the couple together to discuss and resolve them. During the session, the counselor can help mediate any disagreements, provide coaching and suggestions on how to improve your communication.

While not all couples choose to remain together, therapy can be immensely helpful in guiding through an amicable separation. When there are children involved, separating amicably with a focus on co-parenting is highly recommended. One of our therapists can help you explore and decide how you want to proceed with your relationship and provide you with the guidance and support you n need to have a successful and positive experience.

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