Substance Abuse Evaluations

Substance Abuse Evaluations

Professional Evaluations for Substance Abuse are typically required due to a DUI Arrest, or another Alcohol or Drug Related charge. However sometimes an attorney may request a substance abuse evaluation as part of your legal defence.

We recommended that you obtain an evaluation by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, or Licensed Clinical Psychologists. However, it may be acceptable for you to be evaluated by another credentialed professional or a substance abuse program. It is important that you clarify this with your attorney and understand the specific court order requirements, in order to avoid having to complete and pay for multiple evaluations.

At Reclaim Life Counseling, Our Therapists are Fully Licensed and have extensive experience working in Substance Abuse Treatment. Some hold additional Certifications as Addiction Professionals. When you contact us for your evaluation, please ensure that you can provide us with a copy of the court order and any additional forms that may need to be completed. You will receive a letter with findings and recommendations as part of the assessment. If a in depth report is needed, please note that the cost of the assessment is more and the therapist will need additional time after the evaluation to complete the report.

Evaluation Rates & Time Frames

  • $350 Substance Abuse Evaluation with Letter

Provided within 3 business days

  • $500 Substance Abuse Evaluation with Report

Provided within 2 weeks of the evaluation

Assessments Included in Evaluation

  • GAD-7

The GAD-7 is a self assessment that a client completes that gathers symptom severity related to Anxiety. The assessment is auto calculated and reviewed by a Licensed Therapist who interprets that score. The clinician will review this with the client and make a diagnostic impression and develop treatment recommendations.

  • PHQ-9

The PHQ-9 gathers self rated scores related to symptom severity of depression. Similar to the GAD-7, the PHQ-9 is auto calculated and the results are reviewed by a Licensed Therapist who interprets the score, reviews it with the client and the uses the information to formulate the diagnostic impression and treatment recommendations.

  • PCL-5

The PCL-5 is a longer self assessment that is focused on assessing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Trauma. The PCL-5 is not meant to be used as a stand-alone diagnostic tool, and is used in conjunction with the GAD-7, PHQ-9 and other appropriate assessments. Uniform to the PHQ-9 and the GAD-7, the PCL-5 is auto scored, reviewed by a Licensed Therapist, discussed with the client, and the information is used to develop the diagnostic impression and treatment recommendations.

While the PHQ-9, the GAD-7 and the PCL-5 are the main self rating tools our therapists use, they may wish to use others to assess substance abuse or mental health as they feel is appropriate. It is important to note that our therapists are not Licensed Psychologists and therefore are not conducting Psychological Testing such as Personality Inventories, Intelligence Scales, Aptitude or Vocational Testing, or any other Diagnostic Testing that is restricted to use only by Licensed and Trained Psychologists.

Additional Fees That May Apply

  • $250/hr for Court Appearances (A minimum of 2 hours per appearance is required)
  • Travel fees for travel required outside of Broward, Dade, & Palm Beach Counties
  • Fees to cover services for interpretation needed for languages other than English & Spanish