The Three Types of Stress

The Three Types of Stress

Stress is a normal part of life. But too much of any type of stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and overall health. The following are the three main types of stress according to the American Psychological Association:


Acute Stress


Acute stress occurs suddenly and out of the blue. Your boss may throw you a big project to finish under a tight deadline. Or you just barely missed a bad car accident. For a short period of time you will experience an elevated heart rate and blood pressure and perhaps a migraine.


Episodic Acute Stress


These are like mini-crises that happen to some people on a fairly regular basis. Some people take on too much responsibility or are somehow overburdened in their life, and so they live in a constant state of tension.


Chronic Stress


Chronic stress is the result of serious life problems that wear us down over months and years. There is really no let up with this type of stress and chronic stress has been linked to heart disease and stroke.


Therapy can’t make you immune from stressful events in your life. But regulary talking to someone about how you feel can alleviate the severity of stress. 


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