Court Ordered Substance Abuse Assessments

Emotional Support Animal Evaluations

As part of their individualized therapeutic plan, people with depression or anxiety can receive significant emotional support from an ESA. A support animal can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety by providing comfort and affection, as well as offering hope and a sense of purpose.

Immigration Assessments

A typical immigration evaluation includes:

  • An interview with a mental health professional. The interview will help us understand important psychological, medical, and social challenges you are currently experiencing, and your current level of emotional and mental health.
  • Our evaluators will consult with your attorney to discuss and determine what type of waiver will be used for your case.
  • In addition, an evaluator needs to review medical, psychological, and other applicable records to better understand your history and documentation available.
  • After the evaluation is complete, the evaluator will write a comprehensive report that outlines the findings of the evaluation and how they impact your social, emotional, medical, and mental health.