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Imagine being able to learn tools to better communicate what you mean and feel. Counseling can help you develop healthier ways of interacting with your significant others, your coworkers, your friends, and your family.


Even positive changes like a new job, marriage, or buying a home can cause stress. You probably feel overwhelmed with completing all of your to-do’s. Difficulty with keeping up with your personal and professional life, likely causes depression, anxiety, and increased substance use. Millennials and Gen Xers often experience increased stress related to work and family demands, relationship issues, and personal goals. These issues are specific to these two age groups and need targeted help. Working with me, you will learn stress management skills, better ways to handle your problems, and work toward a better work-life balance.


Self-esteem is something that can significantly impact our sense of self-worth and confidence. If you have self-esteem issues, then likely these were developed from your teenage years and you can’t seem to shake them now This can impact decisions you make in your personal and professional life.


Anxiety is manifested in different ways and may present itself as excessive worrying, restless sleep, sweating, increased alcohol or marijuana use, overworking, and racing thoughts. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the industry gold standard in treating anxiety and depressive disorders.


If you need a substance abuse evaluation, a mental health evaluation, or both, we can help. We also offer Emotional Support Animal Evaluations.